Monday, March 8, 2021

Financial gurus

When the girls started working, we gave them back some of their expenses such as their spending money,, their Dunkin/Starbucks drinks, their hair cuts and gas for their cars. 

We remind them every time they get paid that they have to put something into their savings accounts. It can be just $25, but it has to be something.

It has been interesting to watch them debate whether or not they really want a coffee drink. They never had these discussions when we were paying for their coffee. They are more careful about what they are doing and how much it costs. 

The girls are also watching their checking and savings accounts carefully. They panic if it goes below a set amount.

I hope we're instilling good financial habits that will last a lifetime. For now, it's just fun to watch them debate whether it's worth the money to go get a coffee drink.

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