Monday, August 24, 2020

eLearning begins

 August has been a long, long month. The girls were supposed to start golf and swim practice at the beginning of the month. Their coaches sent email after email after email trying to keep us informed. Finally the IHSA decision came out. The coaches could schedule practices and competitions. One puzzle piece fell into place.

School was another situation. The school board decided to start with either a fully remote or a hybrid schedule. The hybrid model had one quarter of the students who chose the hybrid model in the school one day a week based upon last names. 

Students had to choose how to attend. We talked to the girls about each option. They went back and forth about what they wanted to do. 

I reminded them that they were living through history and it might be a good idea to go to school one day a week. The reality was that the schools were not going to be open for a whole semester. They might was well go while they could.

Both girls were still going back and forth when the district decided to go fully remote. The rumor was that some staff tested Covid-19 positive. 

We were not sure how this affected their sports. There were some changes, but not as many as there might have been. We were grateful for this sense of normalcy.

The teachers worked hard to make sure parents and students were kept informed. The girls were excited about the first day of school, even though it was online. We took a traditional first day of school picture on the front porch. Holly joined them as she had every other year.

There were some first day glitches, but overall it went well. The girls were happy to be back with their friends, even if it looked different than expected.

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