Friday, July 31, 2020

Quarantine with a different view

We rented a house in Michigan for a week. We didn't make big plans. We walked along White Lake, swam in Lake Michigan, hiked local forests and spent time sitting on a swing staring at beautiful sunsets.

People kept asking how we picked the house. We had two requirements. First, it had to be on the water. Second, it had to have carpeting. We were travelling with Holly, who needs carpeting to run around. She slips and slides on hardwood or tile. 

The house was adorable. We brought in groceries so we could eat at home most of the time. We did try to support local businesses, like the Dog and Suds, one meal a day. Otherwise, we were homebodies.

The girls played with Holly in the water, using the house's dock across the street. Holly loved being in White Lake with her girls. She came out a wet, smelly, dirty dog. It was fun for all.

A few miles away we found a small Lake Michigan beach that was not crowded. We went back a few times to enjoy the water and relax. 

We visited local attractions, spending as much time as possible near the water. 

It was a lovely week in a charming town. We were all happy to be able to quarantine with a water view. 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Michigan State University

 We had planned to spend this summer visiting colleges. Covid-19 killed those plans. It wasn't really safe to spend weekends driving here and there through coronavirus hot spots.

We were planning our Michigan escape when we realized that Michigan State University wasn't that far from our vacation house. We left early to take advantage of the proximity.

It was so hot in East Lansing. We were sweating before we left our air conditioned cars. 

The girls were so happy to be walking the campus. MSU is high on the brunette twin's list. The school has her (current) major and a solid horseback riding team. 

I had to admit that it was nice to be on a college campus. There were just a few students around, mostly relaxing under trees with friends. It was a sense of normalcy in a crazy summer.