Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Licensed to drive

The first time the brunette twin went to get her license, the facility was closed due to a state holiday. No one else was celebrating this holiday, but the State of Illinois closed all its offices.

We looked at the calendar and decided that the best option was to pull her out of school a little early one day. She skipped her last class. Daddy met her in front of the school with all the necessary paperwork.

They arrived at the driver's facility to find a long line. This is why we took her out of school. It didn't matter what day or time you arrived. There was always a long, long line. 

I was getting worried. I was afraid that they had stood in line the whole time and ran out of time. The driver's facility staff clocks out when their day ends. They don't stay around so everyone signed in can complete their task.

The blond twin walked in with a big smile. She passed her test and was now a licensed driver.  She was very excited and so were we.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Zoom zoom zoom

We have been promising the girls that we'd buy a third car for months now. We searched dozens of options online. We couldn't come to agreement on what to buy. Sometimes the girls would agree on a car and we'd veto it. Sometimes we'd find a car and they wouldn't like it. Most of the time one parent and one girl would agree, but the other two wouldn't.

Saturday the three of them came to agreement on a vehicle. I was at a Girl Scout meeting, so I heard about it when I called to check in. The girls were very, very excited.

The winning vehicle was a four door red FIAT with a sun roof. It had all the toys you would want from a heated steering wheel to a terrific sound system.

We went back tonight to sign the papers. Daddy went first with the girls to get the process started. By the time I arrived after work, the girls were no longer excited. They were bored -- really, really bored. It turned out that the actual paperwork involved with buying a car was not as exciting as the process of choosing a car.

When we finally drove their car off the lot, they were excited again. They had a safe, fun vehicle. They couldn't wait to show it off to their friends.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Rider down

The brunette twin was taking one last riding lesson before her final IEA competition. At the end of the lesson, her horse decided to he was done. Her instructor moved towards the horse. He did not like the way she was moving towards him and went a little wild.

The brunette twin ended up on the ground.

It wasn't that he bucked her, as she could have stayed on if that was the case. He did a strange shimmy and seemed to leave the ground all four legs at once.

He caught her off guard. She was standing, waiting for her instructor to com over. She was relaxed. She was on the ground before she realized what was happening.

The brunette twin hurt her knee, which meant that she was not going to participate in her final IEA competition. 

Her season didn't end the way she wanted, but it was still a good first season. As we drove home, she was already planning her second season.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Girl out of water

After her high school swim season ended, the blond twin joined a local swim club so she could keep her hard-earned swim skills. She worked really hard during her high school swim season. She wanted to be able to practice during the off season.

The swim club had practice five nights a week. She didn't make every practice, but she made most of them. She worked hard and smelled like chlorine nearly all the time. 

Her last swim club practice was last Friday. As we drove away after the last practice, we realized that it would be the last time we drove the blond twin. The next time club swim started, she'd be able to drive herself.