Friday, October 25, 2019

Swim season ends

We were all sad when the blond twin's swim season ended. She really blossomed during the season. She placed in several meets, excelling in freestyle and breast stroke.

At first she was so nervous about being part of a relay team. It only took a few meets before the blond twin was leading her relay team. 

Her competitive spirit kicked in whenever she was near the pool. Whether she was in the water or cheering on a teammate, the blond twin loved being on the swim team. 

It was great to see her find her place. She made plans to continue training during the off season so she could come back stronger and more experienced. 

She was very excited to receive a sophomore letter. It was another sign that she was in the right place with the right team and coaches. 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Dressed to Ride IEA

When the brunette twin announced that she wanted to join a college equestrian team, she made a list of everything she needed. Competitions required specific clothing from a helmet to boots. 

A national horseback riding website had a local retail outlet. Twice a year the store held a huge "tent" sale. In this case, there wasn't a real tent. The entire sale was inside the large store.

The brunette twin and I drove to the store with our master list. The store was very busy when we arrived. We found the proper shirt and jacket, a crop and boots. At least we thought we had boots. 

While we were trying on boots, a salesperson asked about the clothing piled up by the brunette twin. We told her that she was going to join an IEA team. The salesperson explained that the boots we collected were not IEA boots.

The IEA boots we needed were not on sale. In fact, the boots alone cost more than all the clothing combined. Still, we walked out feeling pretty good. We had everything we needed and almost everything was on sale. We declared success and drove home to share our success with Daddy.