Saturday, May 18, 2019

The most unique fundraiser

We've been surprised at how expensive it has been for our girls to participate in high school activities. We spent a lot of time raising money in middle school, but that was nothing compared to high school.

We visited the most unique fundraiser to date this morning. The music program was selling mattresses. For every mattress purchased, the referring student received a portion of the cost.

The blond twin needed a new mattress, so we went to the fundraiser. She sat on a few options and picked her favorite. We completed the paperwork and went home.

The sales pitch was that the mattresses were deeply discounted, but we weren't sure if the prices were that good. We did feel good that something we needed would end up with a deposit in the brunette twin's music program account. If nothing else, it's a good story.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Off to work

When we committed to send the brunette twin on her European trip, we told her that she'd have to earn her spending money. We didn't know if she could really earn enough since there are not a lot of jobs for 15 year olds. Whether she hit her goal or not, the entire experience of applying for jobs, earning money and saving for a goal was the real lesson.

I saw an ad for a local stable. They were looking for people to work "pony parties," which happen when the stable brings ponies to an offsite party. Typically these are kids' birthday parties. I told the brunette twin about it and she decided to apply.

She was hired immediately. She had a training day, which was miserable. It was cold and raining. The brunette twin said she thought her fingers were nearly frozen. She was not happy.

As she stood in the office talking about her schedule, she mentioned that she was an experienced rider, currently taking jumping lessons. The stable manager asked a few more questions. When she walked out of the office, the brunette twin was a trail guide.

She just came home from her first weekend as a working girl. She was filthy, smelly and tired. She was also incredibly happy. She had a job where she was working with horses all day. She received tips when she led a trail group. She had her first pay in her hand. 

Suddenly her goal was really achievable. She set a new goal for herself. We have no doubts she'll reach it.

Monday, May 6, 2019

On the road part two

The blond twin started driving school today. She was so excited and so were we. 

The blond twin didn't seem excited about driving at first. When the brunette twin received her driver's permit, the blond twin talked about how the brunette twin could drive them both places. At one point, the blond twin promised to buy Starbucks whenever they were out together. I replied, "Oh, is your Starbucks app connected to your savings account now?" 

Despite her sister telling her a million times that driving school was boring, the blond twin was excited when she left and when she came home. She was one step closer to independence, which made everyone happy.