Sunday, May 21, 2017

We're number one

One of the things I really like about the girls' middle school band program is that they take a yearly trip to a band competition. This year they went to Louisville, KY where they visited Kentucky Down Under, Kentucky Kingdom, Churchill Downs and the Louisville Slugger factory.

The brunette twin texted Saturday evening to let me know that the band won "Best Middle School Band" at the competition.. It was an exciting development considering that only part of the band went on the trip. They were excited and proud and tired.

We were happy for the class. They worked hard during their after school practices. The students came together pretty quickly to form a pretty good band. It was another sign that hard work pays off, even though they don't realize it yet.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Always wear a hat

I was stretching in the family room when I felt something strange on my head. I pulled it off my scalp and stared swearing. It was a tick.

For the past few weeks I've been reading about how bad the ticks will be this year. A lot of the stories talked about why, but I don't really care why there are going to be a lot of ticks. I just want to know that it's going to be bad.

As soon as I read the articles, I reminded the girls to start checking Holly for ticks. We made sure Holly had the strongest flea and tick medicine appropriate for her size. We thought we were covered. It turns out our concern was misplaced. We should have been more worried about ticks on our bodies.

After I flushed the tick down the toilet, I checked my head again. There was a bump where the tick was, but I also had the entire tick, so I wasn't sure it actually bit my head. Still, I woke up this morning and called my doctor. Her office said to come in for an exam.

The doctor said she saw the bump, but couldn't tell if the tick broke my scalp skin. We talked about next steps and decided that I would take a preventative antibiotic. My sister-in-law Mary had Lyme disease. I knew it was as scary as advertised. If a simple antibiotic treatment was the best way to prevent Lyme disease, I was willing to take it.

Before I left the office, my doctor told me to remember to always wear a hat when I'm out among trees. She said ticks often fall off trees onto people and dogs.


From now on I will keep my hat in the car so I never forget to wear it when I'm out. This time I was lucky. I found the tick and there do not seem to be long-term effects. I'm not going to take a change that I won't be so lucky next time.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

In the dog house

When Laurie called to ask if we could watch Molly, I said yes before she even finished the question. Our girls have been asking to watch Molly for a while now. Laurie often watched Holly when we're gone. They wanted to return the favor -- or so they said. What they really wanted was another dog in the house. The girls have been lobbying for a second dog for a while now. We keep telling them that Holly is all we can handle.

As soon as we confirmed that Molly was coming over, the girls called Erin. They planned a Friday night sleepover. Our living room became the girls' bedroom with air mattresses on the floor. It was a mess of girls and dogs and blankets. The next morning the Erin and the brunette twin walked the dogs in the morning as Daddy took the blond twin to her conference track meet.

For a while Saturday it was just me and the dogs. We weren't sure how Molly would react to being left home in a strange house, so I stayed home from the conference track meet. Both dogs slept most of the time so I doubt they would have missed me if I had gone.

Saturday night we had friends over for dinner on the patio. The two dogs had four teenage girls at their disposal. They were all very happy to be together. Molly and Holly both received ridiculous amounts of attention.

Our girls slept in the living room again with the dogs. Each girl had a dog, just like in their dreams. It's fun to have Molly with us, but it does reinforce that we won't be a permanent two dog family any time soon. The girls will just have to wait until Molly comes back again to live out their two dog fantasy again.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The never-ending sleepover

The girls and I spent the night at a hotel as part of mother/daughter promotional event. Daddy stayed home with Holly and enjoyed a quiet evening.

When we came home today, Daddy was ripping carpeting off the staircase. We knew we needed to do it this weekend as we are having new carpeting installed.

On the way home, I told the girls that they had to sleep downstairs with Holly. The blond twin said she would do it. Their dog won't go on any flooring that doesn't have a rug. Her paws slip and slide on the hardwood and tile. It's the only reason she won't go into the basement when the girls are down there. She's afraid of the uncarpeted stairs.

Holly was so happy to see the girls. The dog jumped up on them and wagged her tail like we had been gone for weeks. Holly didn't want to leave them, even as they got ready to go out with friends.

When they returned, they both went upstairs. Holly went up a few stairs and then came back down. She didn't want to go up to the top where the carpeting had been removed. She sat at the bottom of the stairs whining and yelping. The girls just ignored her, so Holly braved the uncarpeted stairs.

She made it to the top before stranding herself. No matter how much Holly wanted her girls, she wasn't going to walk on the hardwood floor. I managed to get her back downstairs where she sat in the foyer crying.

The girls took turns sitting with Holly until they were both ready to come down for the night. In the end, both girls decided to sleep in the family room with Holly. As soon as she saw them both bring their pillows and blankets down, Holly started wagging her tail. She doesn't care where they all sleep, as long as she has access to both girls. When they are all together, it's even better for Holly.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

On the phone again

The blond twin has taken to her teenage years with gusto. She spends hours fixing her hair and changes her clothes multiple times before deciding on an outfit.

She has also taken to spending hours on end talking on her phone. She does like her social media interactions as much as the next teenager, but she really, really likes to talk on the phone.

It's so funny to watch her. She carries her device through the house talking and giggling and whispering. When she gets really chatty, she stretches out on her bed with her device in her hand.

I remember spending hours talking to my friends. It was my first taste of freedom. From the time my parents put a phone in my room, I'd close my door and call a friend. We'd chat until one our parents told us to get off the phone.

Of course, when I was on the phone I would tie-up the house line. No one else could make a make a phone call while I was on it. With the blond twin, she can chat as much as she wants without inconveniencing anyone else.

The technology is new, but the rite of passage is old. The blond twin is doing her best to keep the rite of passage alive.