Wednesday, December 28, 2016

You cannot be sick

The girls started winter break with colds. Unfortunately for them, this means that their winter break has been a series of early bed times and lots of medicine. I keep saying, "You cannot be sick."

Some day they will understand why I've been so nutty about them getting over their illnesses. We have family members with significant health issues on both sides of the family. It would be very bad for them to end up with colds or the flu. I do realize that they can pick-up those germs anywhere, but I don't want to be the one to spread it during a family Christmas party.

So for now, I'm constantly handing them their cold medicine and sending them to bed much earlier than they'd like to go during their school break. With any luck they will be in great health just in time to go back to school.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Same Christmas, new location

Mom has had her share of medical issues the past six months. When she said that she didn't want to host Christmas at her house, I guess no one was really surprised. Even though hosting it meant just watching us bring all the food and do all the work, she felt it was too much to have everyone at her house. Steve offered his house, so we agreed to move the celebration to his house.

In some ways it was really the same. We all brought some food. We stuffed presents under his tree. We laughed a lot and ate way too much. Mom presided over presents from a new location, but it was still her party.

We had a two additions to the festivities. Steve has two, gorgeous, full-bred, male German Shepards. At one point the blond twin was sprawled on the kitchen floor petting Buddy. I looked around for Zeus and didn't see him at first. The second time I tried to find him, I saw his head on the brunette twin's lap. Zeus was stretched out on the couch with his head in the brunette twin's lap. Both girls were quite happy. It was funny to see these large dogs cuddling like stuffed animals.

Steve also hosted Thanksgiving, so I think his house is now the new family holiday center. He seemed to enjoy having everyone at his house, which is good since we're just going to keep showing up for every holiday.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Wildlife on the patio

I was working when I heard the thump. It sounded like a large snow pack fell from the roof. The problem was that we haven't had enough snow for that to happen. I looked in the house and didn't see anything. When I went to put Holly on the tie-up, I saw a dead squirrel on the patio door ledge.

I called Daddy and told him that we'd probably find a dead or injured bird in the yard. I didn't think a coyote left the squirrel, but I imagined that  bird ran into the patio door before it dropped the squirrel.

A few hours later I heard a strange sound near the patio doors. I looked out to see a huge bird attacking the squirrel. Holly heard it too and barked. The bird flew to the power lines in the backyard.

When I say this bird was big, I mean too big to fit inside our Webber grill. Not that I wanted to cook it, but when I told people how big it was, that was the best way to describe it. The bird went back and forth between the patio door ledge and the wires for a while.

I was tired of Holly barking, so I took a shovel to throw away the dead squirrel. The huge bird (identified as a hawk by friends looking at the picture on social media), didn't stop when I came on the patio. In fact, it just kept eating. I decided my plan wasn't that wise and went back into the house.

The bird finally left when the sun went down. Daddy came home and cleaned up what was left. As he walked into the house, he said there was a blood streak on the patio door. This made sense. A friend told me that she had the same thing happen at her house. She thought the hawks hit their prey against the patio door to stun or kill it.

My fear right now is that the hawk thinks our patio is his new lunch table. If it happens again we'll have to figure out how to change his dining reservation. This was a long, disgusting afternoon. I'm not anxious to do it again any time soon.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas cheer spreadsheet

The band girls decided to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. They can spend $15 and have to bring their gifts to band class on December 22.

I asked the brunette twin how they were sharing gift ideas. She said, "We set up a Google doc so we could all add our gift ideas. This way your Secret Santa can look at what you want without giving it away that she is your Secret Santa."

The girls are what we call "digital natives" when we're describing their demographic at work. They have never known a world without computers. I doubt it ever occurred to them that there was another way to share information outside of a Google doc.

They used their resources to set-up a fun, friendly Secret Santa event. All 15 girls have just a few more days to buy their gifts and get them wrapped. I hope this is the beginning of a new Christmas tradition for these girls.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Winter style

Overheard at our house...

Blond twin:  "Ooooohhh, Mom, I like your bun. It is so cute."

Mommy:  "It's my winter hair style. Fits under a hat. I don't have hat hair when I take off my hat."

Blond twin:  "You should keep it."

What she doesn't realize is a bun is basically my way of giving up. We've had unusually bitter cold weather the past few days. I tried to fix my hair, but decided there was no point since I was just going to spend the day putting on and taking off my hat in between walking Holly. Still, I'll take the compliment.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tail of destruction

Holly was barking like crazy when I heard the crash. Her tail wacked an ornament from the tree. It was a hard, direct hit to one of our glass ornaments.

I thought we might get through the season without a broken ornament. We were so close...

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hold your what?

In the nearly 20 years that Daddy and I have been married, he has never willingly held my purse. I mean not for a second without making some crazy "it has cooties" kind of look on his face. You'd think it was a poisonous object that would kill him.

It's a running joke between us. We'll be out and I'll spot some man holding a purse. I point out the man holding the purse every time. I mention that he looks like he is simply holding an object, rather than looking like it's a bomb about to blow up. Daddy always smirks.

We were at the Fifth Third Winter Wonderfest last weekend when the brunette twin tried to hand her father her purse. He looked at her like she was crazy. I didn't see what she was trying to do, but I did see his face. I said, "What are you doing?" She replied, "I'm trying to give Daddy my purse before we go on the Tilt A Whirl."

I laughed and said, "Oh honey, he loves you a lot, but he doesn't love you that much." She seemed shocked that he wouldn't hold her purse. I looked at him and rolled my eyes as he laughed. If nothing else, he is consistent.