Thursday, October 20, 2016

She shoots and scores

The brunette twin's basketball team has been steadily improving. In a short time they have morphed into something resembling a coherent team. Their plays look coordinated and practiced. They cheer each other on like good team mates should.

At the beginning of today's game, the brunette twin took the ball put it into the air. The ball arched towards the basketball net and went in. She scored her first two points. We were thrilled. She smiled and ran to her position. She played the rest of the game smiling.

After the game she made sure we all saw her score the first two points of her basketball career. She asked about the details since she hardly remembered scoring the basket. In the game's rush, the brunette twin didn't have an opportunity to savor her first two points.

Not only did the brunette twin score her first points, the team won the game. We celebrated both victories and crossed our fingers that it was the first of many successes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Basketball trash talk Middle School style

Overheard in our car...

Brunette Twin:  "The coach told us to trash talk the other team to try to get them to miss or distract them."

Mom:  "Really? What are you supposed to say?"

Brunette Twin:  "Things like your breath smells bad or your shoes aren't pretty. You know, stuff to annoy them"

Mom:  "What did you say?"

Brunette Twin:  "Nothing. I couldn't do it. One girl on our team told another girl that she had nice shoes, though. She couldn't do it either."

It's clear that our team is missing some kind of competitive spirit. They are having fun, which is good because they clearly don't have a grasp of gamesmanship.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

You can't teach tall

The brunette twin tried out for the 7th grade basketball game. It was the first time she tried for anything. She was so thrilled when she made first cuts. When she made second cuts, she couldn't sleep. She screamed in the morning when she logged and learned she made the team.

For the past two weeks it has been all basketball, all the time, in this house. She practices as often as possible. She talks strategy with Daddy. She comes home from basketball practice exhausted and exhilarated.

When she made the team, Daddy said, "Well, you can't teach tall."  He explained that they can teach her basketball skills, but they can't make her taller. Given that she was both tall and athletic, she made the team despite her complete lack of basketball knowledge.

The first home game today wasn't stellar. The team was overwhelmed by the other team. The visitors had a sharp, organized team. Our girls looked like a team that had only played together for two weeks. Our girls lost big.

Still, the brunette twin couldn't stop talking about the game. She was giddy that she played in her first basketball game. She talked about what went right and what went wrong. She replayed different parts over and over again.

Luckily for the brunette twin, the blond twin was suddenly a basketball expert. She was happy to tell her twin everything she did wrong and how to fix it. Eventually they settled into a conversation about the game, rather than a listing of the brunette twin's flaws.

The girls went to the basement immediately after finishing their homework to bounce the basketball and talk about tomorrow's game. Today's game was a loss, but they hoped for a win tomorrow.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Spell check

Overheard at our house...

Mommy:  "Girlie, you need to look at your poster. Unique is misspelled."

Brunette Twin: "Really?"

Mommy: "Yes, you need a "u" after the "q" in unique."

Brunette Twin:  "Sissy, how do you spell unique?"

Blond Twin:  "U-n-i-q-u-e."

Mommy:  "Really? You don't think I know how to spell unique?"

Brunette Twin: "I'm just checking to make sure you're right."

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Golf girls

The girls and a friend went to a local nine hole golf course to play a round on a nice, Fall afternoon. When they came out, they had lots of stories. My favorite shows that our little girls are growing up, but they still are little girls.

The trio ended up playing between a foursome of high school boys from the local school golf team (at least that's what the clubhouse employee told us when we saw the boys) and another group of boys. 

Not surprisingly, the boys noticed the trio. Their friend, Anna, is an adorable 12 year old with a huge smile. Our girls haven't looked their age since they were in single digits. When I tell people they are 13, people stop as if they have to process the information. The brunette twin is 5' 7" while the blonde twin is 5' 5". Between their height and they way they hit the golf ball, it's hard to believe they are only 13 years old.

When the boys asked how old the trio was, Anna replied, "I'm 12." They said, "We're not talking to you." The boys thought our girls were their age. I tried to explain to our girls that the high school boys were flirting with them. It was an awkward way to start a conversation, but the boys just wanted to talk. 

The girls were horrified that strange boys wanted to talk to them on the golf course. They just wanted to hang out with their friend and play golf. Despite their grown-up appearance, they are still little girls when it comes to flirting with boys. I only wish it would stay this way.