Monday, July 11, 2016

The best $40 we ever spent

Our town has a yearly festival. For $40 you can purchase a mega-band, which allows the wearer to go from ride to ride to ride for the full four days the festival is in town. 

Last year we thought about purchasing a mega-band, but never got around to it. This year we purchased them for both girls. The plan was for them to go to with friends by themselves. It was a step towards independence that they were anxious to take. As we planned the outings, the parents sorted the four nights so someone would be on-site. Of course we weren't allowed to be seen with the girls, but someone would be there. 

We hosted two sleepovers, so the girls could continue the fun after the festival. There were girls and blankets and things everywhere. The first night I shut down the party early. Two girls were falling asleep as they told me how much they wanted to stay up all night. The next morning the girls woke up ready to have some fun. 

The second night I woke up about midnight to a barking dog. The girls decided to watch Life of Pi. Every time Holly saw an animal, she barked. 

The girls spent four nights hanging out with friends at the festival. They had a great time going on rides and eating junk food. They reveled in their new independence. Next year we'll drop-off and pick-up without a formal schedule. The girls are already making plans.

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