Tuesday, July 5, 2016

More than just a cover

I walked into the brunette twin's room to find her jumping on her bed. At this point we're waiting for her new mattress to be delivered, so her "bed" was just a mattress on the floor. As soon as I saw her, I stopped and stared.

On her bed was the "baby" quilt I made her. I never made a traditional baby quilt. I collected t-shirts from the time they were born until about second grade. I cute the most interesting designs and created a twin sized quilt mapping their baby days to early elementary school. Watching her jumping on it nearly stopped my heart. I actually couldn't speak other than to yell at her to stop jumping. When she stopped I left the room.

A while later when I recovered, I went back to her room. I told both girls that when I made their quilts, I wasn't creating a blanket. I was creating a memory book for them to share with their children. One day I hoped that they would wrap their babies in the quilts and tell them stories about each t-shirt. 

The brunette twin seemed sad that she jumped on the quilt, but I'm not sure she really understood my story. She seemed mostly upset that I was upset. Some day I hope they will look at the quilts and realize how much love went into making them. For now I'll settle for keeping the girls from jumping on them. It's a small victory that I hope will preserve the quilts for future generations.

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