Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A one track mind

Overheard at our house...

Blond twin:  "Mom, you have to meet Brooke's dad so we can hang out."

Mom:  "Aunt Sue-Sue's Brooke?"

Blond twin:  "Yeah. We want to hang out but her parents won't let her until you meet them. When we go to Uncle Steve's tonight, please talk to her dad. Ask if we can hang out before school starts."

Mom:  "You are going spend the night at Aunt Sue-Sue's next week with Brooke."

Blond twin:  "Yeah, but we want to hang out at our house too."

Mom:  "I know her dad. I've known him since he was your age. He was one of Uncle Dave's best friends growing up."

Blond twin:  "What do you mean?"

Mom:  "Why do you think Uncle Dave is Brooke's godfather? Why do you think they are at Uncle Dave and Aunt Sue-Sue's house so often? Did Brooke ask her dad about hanging out here?"

Blond twin:  "No. We didn't think you knew each other because you are so much older than her parents."

Mom:  "Ok, now you are pushing your luck."

Blond twin:  "Since you know her dad, when can we hang out?"

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