Thursday, May 21, 2015

An offer she can refuse

I was at the girls' school yesterday for a special event. At the end, I asked the blond twin's teacher is she would miss anything if I took her home early. The teacher looked at me and said, "I turned in their grades yesterday. We're done for the year."

Today as I walked Holly I hatched a plan. The past few weeks have been really, really crazy. Daddy and I have been talking about how nice this three-day weekend would be. We don't have any real plans other than to work in the garden and relax. When I came home, I talked to Daddy about my plan. He didn't have any objections, so we decided to discuss it with the girls when they came home.

When the girls arrived at home, I was sitting on the patio. I said, "We're thinking about letting you stay home from school tomorrow. You could spend the day in your pajamas, do some chores, get ready for camp and relax a bit."

The brunette twin jumped right on the idea. She wanted to stay home. The blond twin didn't even react. She started babbling about not knowing what she wanted to do. She didn't want to disappoint her twin, but she wanted to go to school to see her friends. She liked that they didn't have any schoolwork planned. She wanted to go to school and play all day.

The blond twin went back and forth about what she should do for a while. The brunette twin argued her side. I eventually told them they were going to school and walked into the house. After a while the blond twin decided she would stay home, then she changed her mind again. The brunette twin was so mad at her sister that she wouldn't talk to her. At that point I decided they were going to school.

When I was walking Holly, I thought the girls would be excited to have a stay-at-home day. It thought they'd enjoy staying in their pajamas all day. Instead I ended up with a sisterly fight and a headache. If nothing else, I learned that there are offers the blond twin can refuse.

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