Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's Share Socks

I was in Target looking at socks for the girls when I realized something startling.  The brunette twin and I can share socks now. 

She hasn't worn the cute, little girl shoes in a while.  She wears a size 2 shoe (soon to be a size 3).  Her new socks said size 3 - 10.  I wear a size 8.5 shoe.  We could share socks.  It's not like it hasn't already happened. More than once I've asked her why she's wearing my socks.  She always says, "I like them."  I always thought she was just being cute.  I never realized that the socks actually fit her. 

The girls already like to use my purses for holidays.  I have a few cute, small purses that just sit in my closet now.  I used to take them when I went out, but these days my purse needs to be big enough to carry my stuff and theirs.  A typical visit to a store in the winter means all our gloves and hats end up in my purse.  We used to put them in our pockets, but we always ended up looking for one glove.  Now it all just ends up in my purse.

They also wear my earrings on a regular basis.  For some reason, their earrings never match their special ocassion outfits as well as mine do.  They also comment on my jewelry when I wear something special.  The blond twin asked how old she'd need to be to wear my pearls.  I said, "You can wear them on your wedding day and then give them right back."  She's angling to keep them, though. 

I see the path this is taking.  First, we're sharing socks, purses and earrings.  Next they are borrowing my shoes and necklaces.  I wonder how long it will be before I just start looking for my stuff in their room?


dcr said...

sooner than you think!!! but the missing stuff always takes second place to the knowledge that my girls and i wear the same sizes.

Jacque said...

Not long! Right now it's mascara and the every evasive hairbrush for me! I'm certain I've bought at least 3 extra hair brushes to no avail. The other day, my precious one's mascara was in my trane case where mine used to be. I still haven't gathered the meaning of that, nor have I found my mascara. I'm pretty certain it may resurface after the sleep over. At least I hope!