Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The End of the Christmas Season

In my mind, I tend to wrap-up the Christmas season when the last decorations are put away.  Well, today we can wrap-up Christmas 2010.

On our front porch we have several large planters.  Last November, I stuck a Christmas decoration in the dirt and stood back to admire it.  There's nothing fancy about the decoration, but I like it.  Santa's holding a sign that says, "Merry Christmas."  It's simple and cute.

The problem with my plan was that the dirt froze.  For weeks now the girls asked, "Mom are you ever going to take Santa out of the planter?"  Since it is located right by the front door, I heard this a lot.

This morning the dirt finally thawed enough that I could get the decoration out of the pot.  As of this moment, Christmas 2010 is finally done. 

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I'm a scrooge. Dec. 26th and I'm ready to get my house back in order. Although it's never really in order so I don't know why I bother!