Thursday, November 18, 2010

That's not snow...

If you drive by our house right now, you'd see a lovely dusting of white snow on the ground by our bushes.  Only it's not snow.  It's dog hair -- lots and lots and lots of dog hair.

I knew Oreo would shed his winter coat in the spring, but someone forgot to tell me about shedding his summer coat right now.  He is shedding clumps of hair.  It's like tumbleweeds in our house. 

At first I thought he was sick.  One of my brothers said, "He's losing his summer coat and getting ready for winter."  What?  I never heard of that before.

Now I'm brushing him every day and cleaning our floors every day.  As for the front yard, I was going to pick-up all the hair, but now I might just leave it as a decoration.  In a few more days I'll have enough to make a lovely coating of snow.

1 comment:

Julie K said...

This is EXACTLY why a hybrid-poodle mix is great... no shedding!