Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am a officially bag lady

I thought I'd be older when this happened, so I'm a bit surprised to admit this at my current age.  I am a bag lady.  In my case, it's intentional, but I'm still a bag lady.

I find that being hyper-organized is the only way to survive, so during the weekend, I put everything we need for different activities into different bags.  In our van recently, we had a bag and boxes of snacks for Girl Scouts, a bag for a church project, a bag for the school Halloween party and a bag of stuff to give to a friend's younger children. 

In the office, I have bags we are filling with outgrown clothes and toys that will soon be donated to a local charity shop.  I have a bag filling up with old cell phones that we'll give to our local parks department.  They give them to seniors for emergencies.  I have a lovely bag I use just for church Vestry meetings.  I have another one I use only when I'm teaching church school.  All my stuff goes into the bag so I just have to pick up the bag and go.

Of course, I have bags in all my coat pockets now.  We're trying to be good neighbors and remove Oreo's deposits as often as possible.  Yes, I know it's required to do it every time, but I'll admit I slack off when he makes a deposit in an empty lot.

I'm passing this along to the girls -- for better or worse.  If they are in an activity, they have a bag dedicated to the stuff they need for it.  This has saved us on numerous mornings when we realize -- as we're walking out the door -- that they have Girl Scouts.  We just grab the bag with all their Girl Scout stuff and go.  We're not running around looking for crayons and scissors and books.  Everything is already in one place.  They are future bag ladies in the making.

I realize I'm not a bag lady in the traditional sense, but given the number of bags I have for different reasons, it's clear I'm a bag lady now.  I think it's time to embrace my new status.  Anyone know where I can get an "I'm a bag lady" t-shirt?


Julie K said...

By your definition... I'm a bag lady too! Funny that we have the same organizing style (though I suspect my bags aren't as pretty as yours). We have a gym-type bag for Soccer (ball, uniform, cleats) which gets changed over to baseball in the spring. The bag goes in the laundry room after a practice/game and repacked when uniform/cleats are cleaned and put back in the closet. There's a separate bag for swim lessons (we keep it in the closet even when my son is not in swimming since it has suit, goggles and towel at the ready - especially helpful during the summer). We actually put a small shelving unit in the hall closet to hold these bags. There's two bags for karate (I use one of my son's old school backpacks for GI (uniform) and belt, and a mesh bag for sparring equipment). I have a zipped folder for team Mom stuff and one for Cub Scout leadership info. I keep a bag/box in the basement for clothes and things that will go to Goodwill, a plastic bin and boxes for clothes, toys and things to pass on to others in the family. I sort my son's old clothes by size and season and put them in grocery bags with size/season written on the outside for the next Mom.
Let me know if you find a bag lady T-shirt!

Kim Tracy Prince said...

I had the same realization a few years ago. Then you turn 40 and there's no going back.

I'm not forty yet.

P.S. I used this very same template for House of Prince from 2004 up to March of this year when I switched to Wordpress.