Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas through Oreo's Eyes

You know how they say that Christmas is best viewed through a child's eyes?  This year we're having fun viewing it through Oreo's eyes.

He isn't sure he likes all the animated, singing decorations in the house.  We collected the Hallmark snowman series for the past couple of years.  The girls love the songs and books.  They like to go around starting the animated figures and laughing. 

This drives Oreo crazy.  The first day we had them out, he'd bark and growl at the snowmen.  Once in a while he'd just stand there staring, like he was waiting for it to start again.  I walked in the living room to find him sitting, quietly and alertly, staring at our Frosty decoration.  It's light activated, so it goes off randomly.  The snowman lifts his hat and sings a bit.  Oreo is trying to figure out how it all works.

He has reacted to the outdoor decorations as well.  The first time he saw the neighbor's nativity scene, he stood and growled.  He was protecting me from the plastic people, and he was doing a good job.  I had to drag him away from the display.  Another neighbor has a bunch of blinking lights with music.  Oreo just stood there staring and moving his head back and forth.  He tilted his head like he was trying to figure it all out.  He didn't want to leave, but I was cold, so I dragged him down the block.

Oreo wasn't fond of the wrapping paper rolls we had out to wrap some packages last Saturday.  He just barked and barked and growled at each roll.  I feel much safer knowing he'll protect us from the evil wrapping paper rolls.

A few days into the Christmas season and he still doesn't like the animated decorations, but he has stopped barking at them.  Now when they start, he just stares.  He still doesn't trust those snowmen.


Julie K said...

That's too funny... our dogs don't really react to the decorations. One of our dogs ate the white puff ball at the end of one of our Santa Hats, but that's about it (thus far). We've learned to put non-breakable ornaments from "tail-wagging height" down on the tree and nothing that smells remotely like something to eat.

dcr said...

hi; i'm trying to think of something clever to say other than "i really love reading about your family" but that's all i can do. i really LOVE reading about your family! hey, can you please email me your contact information? my husband tried to update my phone and ERASED EVERYTHING. i have no phone numbers, no addresses, no emails, NOTHING.

please keep writing about your family... said...

Poor guy! I hate the motion activated things. They freak me out, too!