Friday, October 29, 2010

Gramma's Shoes

My Mom is tiny.  She's barely 4' 10" at this point.  One of the fun milestones for each granddaughter has been for them to start wearing Gramma's clothes and shoes.

The girls are now part of this tradition.  It started out innocently.  My Mom said, "When the girls get a bit bigger, I have some winter boots that will fit them."  The girls heard this and have been waiting -- impatiently -- to fit into Gramma's shoes.

This is the year they can wear Gramma's boots.  The brunette twin fits into them with normal socks.  The blond twin will have to wear heavy or two pairs of socks.  Still, she will wear Gramma's boots.

Since Mom is so tiny, all her shoes and boots have heels.  I cannot remember Mom ever wearing a pair of shoes, boots or sandals without heels until she bought her first pair of gym shoes.  The boots she gave the girls have small heels, which thrills them to no end.  They cannot believe they get to wear heels. 

The problem is they are going to get spoiled wearing Gramma's shoes.  My Mom always bought really, really nice shoes.  We buy shoes that will take the girls through one season as we know they will outgrow them before the next season.  Mom bought them to wear for years.  Her boots are really lovely. 

Until they outgrow them, the girls will beam every time they put on those boots -- just as their older cousins did before them. 

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Sara said...

What a cute tradition! That sounds like such fun for both the girls and for grandma too. My sister in law loves shoes, so she has taken it upon herself to outfit the girls feet for each season. I keep telling her she shouldn't start something she can't finish, but she seems to enjoy it. I'm pretty sure they have nicer shoes than I do. :)