Monday, September 6, 2010

Sarah's Wardrobe

Overheard at our house...

The blond twin was showing us her wiggly tooth when Daddy said, "You know, you'll have to let Sarah know we have a dog.  You don't want Oreo to scare her."  Sarah is our tooth fairy's name.

Brunette Twin:  "Have you seen Sarah?"

Daddy:  "Yes."

Brunette Twin:  "What does she look like?  Does she have a fairy wand?"

Daddy:  "She's a little fairy and she doesn't carry a fairy wand.  She carries two little bags -- one for teeth and one for the money."

Blond Twin:  "How do you know?"

Daddy:  "Well, we have to help her sometimes.  It's a lot of work carrying those bags."

Brunette Twin:  "What doe she wear?"

Daddy:  "A pretty dress with fairy wings."

Brunette Twin:  "What kind of dress?"

Daddy:  "I think it's Lauren exclusive."

Mommy starts laughing and says, "This is so going on the blog."


Michelle said...

That is wayyyyy too cute. Me, I prefer to go light on the details so that I never have to remember them later. And so the wee ones can never claim I lied to them - to date I've always just turned the questions around to them with "well, what do you think?" which seems to work. For now.

This Crazy Thing Called Motherhood said...

Isabel has been asking me a lot of questions about the tooth fairy lately. lol I never know if I should spin her a wonderful tale of fantasy and whimsy or just give her a brief overview of the "generally accepted truths of the tooth fairy". At this point in time, I am with your reader Michelle and just try to turn the questions back on her. It lets me off the hook entirely. :)