Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grown Up Dinner

When the girls were first born, everyone would say, "You need to get out of the house." I'd laugh and laugh. Not that it wasn't a good idea, but the implementation was a problem. First, I always looked homeless. Getting ready to go out in public required quite an effort. Second, I was too tired to drive anywhere. I was a hazard on the roads. I once fell asleep in the Jewel parking lot because I sat there too long trying to decide where to go next.

Four years later, I can honestly say things have dramatically improved. We try to get out regularly and last night we had a grown up dinner. Some of my husband's friends at work have a dining club. Two or three times a year they pick a new restaurant and explore. Last night I joined them for dinnner at Ditka's. The food was wonderful. The company was wonderful. The weather was terrible, but some things cannot be controlled. As a bonus, Mike Ditka was in the restaurant. It was all just fun. As much as we love our twin girls, we really love spending time away from them too. It's a healthy balance for all of us.

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