Monday, July 16, 2018

A Megapass to Fun

Our annual Friendship Festival marks summer's social high point. The girls make plans for days with friends. They plan outfits, back-up outfits and back-up, back-up outfits. They make arrangements to meet friends, gossip about boys who might attend and plot their ride priorities. 

Four nights of fun whiz by in a split second. This year they went by themselves. We dropped them at a designated location and picked-up everyone at the same spot. There was a rotating group that ended up in the car. The girls were always asking if we could take a friend home. Of course we said yes. 

As the planning and driving and changed plans started to wear on us, I reminded Daddy that we only had one more year of driving. They wouldn't need us soon, so we needed to enjoy this time while we had it. I liked picking up the  girls and their friends. They were always so chatty, filled with stories and teen angst. I hope when they think of these days, they remember the laughter and stories and know that these moments are how childhood memories become family stories.

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