Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Pick a party

With the invitations piling up on my desk, I looked at the calendar for a date to hold the girls' graduation party. Our weekends were packed. Most week days didn't look great either. We talked about holding a party during the week. 

We were driving through Yellowstone when I brought up the question again. I explained that with their busy schedule, we were looking at a graduation party in late-July or early-August. The girls always have a birthday party. I said they could either have a graduation party or a birthday party since we were not going to have two parties so close together.

After a bit of debate, they decided to have a birthday party. I told them we'd go out to dinner with the family to celebrate their graduation, so we weren't going to completely let it pass without a party. 

A few weeks later we were talking about their graduation dinner when the brunette twin asked about inviting friends. I explained that she and her sister decided to have a birthday party rather than a big graduation party. She seemed surprised that we talked about this during our vacation.

Dinner was delicious and the girls were spoiled with presents. It was a low-key end to elementary school, with the promise of a big birthday party to come.  

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