Friday, June 1, 2018

And then it was over

The last week of school was a whirlwind. The girls spent one day cleaning out lockers, returning school equipment and signing yearbooks. 

We spent weeks planning for the Eight Grade Dance. I took the girls dress shopping one Saturday. I was so excited when we entered the mall. What was better than taking my babies dress shopping? After four hours and too many stores, I was thinking off all the things I'd rather spend time doing. 

The blond twin found her dress first. It was a two piece outfit with a sequined top and a pink satin skater skirt. She decided to wear gym shoes with it. She told me that the girls decided to wear gym shoes. 

The brunette twin found her dress after trying on dozens and dozens of ball gowns. The brunette had a clear vision for her Eight Grade Dance dress. She wanted a long gown. By the time she was done, she had a beautiful, colorful mermaid gown with sparkly pumps. She declined to wear her tiara, though. 

As we stood outside the school watching all the students arrive, we marveled at how grown up they were. We knew some of these kids since they were in preschool. It was so much fun to see them in their awkward, nearly-grown, teenage phase wearing their dance outfits. The girls were more formal than the boys, who tended towards dress pants, dress shirts and interesting ties. 

The next day they went to Six Flags. The eighth grade trip was something they talked about the entire year. They spent hours talking about which roller coasters to ride in which order. They plotted a course that let them ride everything they wanted. The girls came home giddy and hungry and tired. The day was a smashing success.

They went from Six Flags to graduation day. They went to their soon-to-be high school just to practice the ceremony. We returned several hours later to watch them cross the stage. It took about an hour from start to finish. The class stood up, moved their tassels to the other side of their caps and it was over. They were graduates ready to embark on their high school adventures.

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