Saturday, May 26, 2018


We knew the girls birthday triplet, Erin, was moving at the end of the school year. When the plan percolated to host a surprise party, we needed a cover story. Luckily for us the cover story was easy. We told Erin that we were hosting the girls' 8th grade graduation party early so she could attend.

Party planning was moving along when I looked at the calendar. I immediately grabbed my device and texted Erin's mom. I kept saying the party was going to be on Sunday because we had a wedding Saturday night. When I looked at the calendar, I realized that the wedding was Sunday, so the party had to be Saturday. Once Erin's family agreed to make the change then we moved the planning along. Crisis averted...whew.

Abby, Ally and Anna spent the afternoon decorating. There were balloons,  Silly String, streamers, paper flowers, glow necklaces and more. After all Erin's friends arrived, we decided on a code to let everyone know she was there. 

I waited on the driveway for Erin to arrive. I tried to look like I was just working on the front garden. When Erin arrived, we walked towards the patio. I said, loudly, "Can someone help me with the cupcakes?" This was supposed to be the signal that Erin was coming. The problem was that the teens were having so much fun that they were really not paying attention. They were too loud to hear me.

Erin turned the corner and stared. There were a few people she didn't expect to see at the girls' graduation party. It took a minute for everyone to realize she was there. When the teens realized Erin had arrived, they yelled "SURPRISE."

The party was a big success. The teens hung out, ate, hung out, ate and hung out. It was a great way for everyone to celebrate Erin, even as they realized it was a going away party. 

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