Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Strike up the band

The girls Orlando weekend included trips to Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios and Magic Kingdom. We spent the weekend in Orlando as well, although the only time we saw them was when we made plans to meet at Magic Kingdom.

They were tired and giddy at the same time. They had so much fun. They told us stories about their flight, the amusement parks and their hotel room sleepovers. Every moment seemed to be as much fun as they had hoped. 

They ended their trip by performing at Disney Springs. Aunt Linda, Uncle Bill and Aunt MaryAnn came to visit. Aunt Linda's granddaughter, Brynn, joined the adventure. For nearly an hour the band performed in a large band shell. They sounded great for a bunch of kids who barely slept for four nights.

The girls went to Epcot after their performance. They closed a fun weekend with a late flight home. The bus rolled into the middle school parking lot just about Midnight. The girls were so tired that they could hardly make sentences. The next few days they would tell stories and laugh. When they walked into the house, though, all they wanted to do was go to bed.

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