Sunday, February 4, 2018

80 and counting

It was not the party we had planned. Mom's back problems turned out to be much worse that just a muscle ache. After several doctor's appointments and tests, it turned out that Mom had spinal compression fractures. 

We cancelled the party once we realized there was not a quick fix for Mom's back problems. We ended up with a multi-day snowfall this weekend, with 16+ inches of snow, so cancelling worked out for the best. 

Everyone came to Mom's with food, flowers and presents. We laughed, told stories and sang Happy Birthday. 

The girls had their own celebration when Samantha asked them to be bridesmaids. They were so excited. They could hardly believe that she asked them. The girls and Sami spent the rest of the afternoon talking about the bridesmaid dress, hair styles and make-up ideas. 

It was much more low-key than we initially planned, but it was still a fun party. Mom enjoyed her day, which was what really mattered.

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