Tuesday, January 9, 2018

When do we leave?

We were near our Hawaiian adventure's end when we started talking about getting ready to go home. We kept talking about going home January 7. We had Sunday, January 7 stuck in our brains.

On Saturday, January 6, we packed our stuff and started talking about getting to the airport. Daddy went downstairs to talk to the front desk. When he came back up, he said, "We don't leave until January 7."

It dawned on us that we were not going to be home on January 7, we were going to leave to go home on January 7. We didn't arrive until Monday, January 8. Our brains were so relaxed that we forgot that we would be travelling overnight.

The girls were not amused with our mistake. They were happy to have an extra day in paradise, but not so happy that we woke them up early to make sure we made out flight, especially when they realized they were going to wake up early again the next day.

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