Monday, January 15, 2018

Sorry I keep stealing your sports

The brunette twin decided she wanted to take dance lessons again. Last September we found a small, local dance studio where she could take lessons. It turned out that it was not that easy to find a dance studio with lessons for a teenage girl who hasn't taken lessons since she was in third grade.

The brunette twin has been having fun in her lessons. She learned some new dance steps and met some new friends. It has been really good for her.

Recently the blond twin decided she wanted to take dance lessons too. The brunette twin was not amused. She said, "Dance is my thing." The blond twin quietly said, "I'm sorry I keep stealing your sports."

People have long told us that the blond twin overshadowed her twin. They believed that because the blond twin was more gregarious than her sister, she was the leader. In some cases, I agreed. In most cases, though, I would have said that the brunette twin is the quiet leader.

The brunette twin was the first to take horseback riding lessons and play basketball. The blond twin decided after her sister talked and talked and talked about both horseback riding and basketball that she wanted to do these things too. When the blond twin ran cross country, she tried to get her sister to participate. The brunette twin ran cross country for one season and quit. She really didn't like running. The blond twin tried her best, but couldn't get the brunette twin to join track.

Now the blond twin wanted to join the one activity the brunette twin was doing by herself. The brunette twin tried to talk her out of taking dance lessons, but the blond twin really wanted to join her sister. In the end, the brunette twin decided it was fine for her twin to join the dance class.

Both girls seemed to understand a shift in their personal dynamics. Even as they worked to develop their own interests, somehow they always came back together.

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