Saturday, January 6, 2018

Riptides and boogie boards

We spent our Kauai bonus day at the beach. When we checked into our hotel, we were very excited that there was a hotel beach. We were less excited when we heard that we could not swim at the beach.

It turned out that Kauai was not a good place too swim or surf. The island waves crashed violently into the beaches. Riptides surrounded the island. It really was not safe to swim.There were a few beaches with lifeguards. Daddy found Hanalei Beach, which was near a really cute town.

The girls rented boogie boards on Oahu and really had fun. We rented boogie board and sand chairs from a local shop. We walked to the beach, ready for our fun afternoon.

We were not there long when we saw a lifeguard run from the watch tower into the water. He paddled his surfboard quickly to a person standing in the water. The lifeguard pulled the person onto his surfboard and came back to the beach.

During our Hanalei Beach afternoon, we saw the lifeguards complete many rescues. We were awed by their ability to recognize people stuck in a riptide and their ability to pull swimmers out safely. Several times the lifeguards used a PA system to announce something like, "Man swimming with the blue baseball cap. You are standing in a riptide. Please move towards the pier to get out of the riptide." Sometimes people moved. Sometimes they did not seem to hear the announcement.

It was impressive. They continually showed how well-trained they were. They really worked hard to keep everyone safe. We kept a close eye on the girls, even though we felt very safe with these young men on duty.

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