Monday, January 8, 2018

Kauai adventures

We had so many cool experiences on Kauai. We went horseback riding to a waterfall. We hiked to the waterfall pool where we swam before hiking back up. At the top of the waterfall, we walked across the waterfall to a rock wall. We used a chain to climb the rock wall before riding back to the stable. It was amazing.

We went snorkeling to see green sea turtles and amazing fish. The boat, which had a fiberglass hull and inflatable sides, was its own adventure. As we motored out to the first snorkeling location, we rode directly over some really rough waves. It was like being on a roller coaster at times. We were on our way back when someone saw a whale breeching. The captain turned the boat and headed towards the whale. As we got closer, we all saw additional whales breeching. We had fun snorkeling, but seeing the whales really made the outing great.

One morning we drove to the National Tropical Botanical Garden. After touring the gorgeous gardens, we walked across the street to the Spouting Horn. A natural lava tube hole releases a water spout when the Poipu surf rushes in. There's a hiss and a roar that causes visitors to gasp and laugh.

The Plantation House dinner before the luau was an elegant look at plantation life. We had a wonderful meal before heading to the show. For us, the highlight came when one of the dancers grabbed the blond twin to join him. She managed to avoid the first effort to get her on the floor. The second dancer had better luck. The brunette twin helpfully created a video for her sister to remember the moment.

Every day we spent some time on the patio furniture near the beach. We spent as much time as possible watching the ocean waves and listening to the waves crashing. No matter how many times we saw the sun rise or set over the water, we always marveled at nature's beauty.

Actually, we could say that about everything we did on Kauai. Mother Nature created a garden paradise when she imaged the island. It was so much more than we imaged.

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