Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Driving lessons

I was at my desk working when I heard a strange sound coming from the garage. I ran outside to see parts of our new car's passenger side mirror on the driveway. I asked Daddy, "What happened? Are you ok?"

He replied that he was playing with the radio as he left the garage. He clipped the passenger side mirror on the garage.

With a big smile, I said, "As soon as the girls come home you are telling them that story."

Many years ago I was pulling into the garage when I damaged Daddy's car's passenger side mirror. Daddy was so mad. The girls have never let me forget it.

Today Daddy damaged his car. He broke a mirror. He knew exactly what I was thinking when I said he had to tell the girls. He said, "Now we're even."

Daddy went out to run some errands when the girls came home. Somehow he forgot to tell the girls the story. I told them and they stared with their eyes wide open. They couldn't believe that Daddy damaged his car.

I said, "What's the lesson here?" They said, "Pay attention when you are driving." Since they will have drivers' permits next year, I'll take that as the lesson. I wanted to add, "Now stop telling the story about how I broke the car mirror" to the conversation, but I resisted.

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