Tuesday, December 19, 2017

By the numbers

Before we left this morning, Daddy made cookies. He left the girls a note saying that they could have two cookies each when they came home from school.

When we came home Daddy noticed that there were new cookies on the cutting board. He asked the girls about the peanut butter cookies. They said they made cookies when they came home.

Daddy asked how many cookies they had and the brunette twin replied that she had two of his. She smiled when he asked about the cookies she and her sister baked.

I said, "They ate two of your cookies and baked more so they could eat more. We never told them how many cookies they could eat if they baked them."

The brunette twin smiled. We couldn't reprimand them as they only ate two of the cookies Daddy baked. They exploited a loophole we never thought to close.

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