Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Class of 2022

Our local high school does a great job of transitioning middle school students and their families. We attended the sixth and seventh grade events just to get a feel for the school. This year, when we received the eight grade postcard, there was a terrifying headline. It said, "Class of 2022."

Yikes. Our babies were just a few months away from being high school students.

The evening was a big, fun opportunity for everyone. It started with a pep rally. The band performed. The pep squad danced. The choir sang. Two students talked about how their time helped them find their interests and support their dreams.

From there we moved to a scavenger hunt that helped everyone get more acquainted with the building. The girls wandered in and out of classrooms, collecting stamps, as the parents stood in the hall wondering how our kids were old enough to be headed towards high school. A quick stop in the Performing Arts Center for a curriculum discussion and we were headed to the evening's highlight.

In the main gym, different co-curricular activities set up tables. Each table had students waiting to tell the incoming students about the clubs or teams. The girls went from place to place exploring their opportunities. They signed up for several teams, took brochures from different clubs and walked out excited about all their choices.

As we walked out of the school, the blond twin talked about how it was both exciting and overwhelming. The brunette twin agreed as they chatted about what they liked and what their friends liked.

It was so gratifying to see them embrace their next educational journey. They left really excited about moving on to high school, which was the entire evening's purpose.

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