Sunday, September 17, 2017

Testing the five second rule

We were kneeling at the alter rail during communion when my attention strayed. And, to make it worse, my attention strayed at the worst possible moment. Reverend Ellen handed me a host. The Deacon tilted the chalice filled with wine.

I dipped the host into the wine and moved it towards my mouth. Instead of putting it into my mouth, I dropped it. Yes, I dropped the host at the alter.

I completely panicked. Should I pick up the host? I would have had to really lean over the railing. There was no graceful way to do it. Should I pretend I didn't drop it and simply walk back to my pew?

In the end my crazy thoughts didn't matter. Our Deacon noticed what happened and came back with another host. I dipped it into the wine and managed to get it into my mouth this time.

The girls saw me drop the host and couldn't wait to laugh. Their admonishments caused me to start laughing. Instead of sliding into our pew, I went into the vestibule to compose myself. Somehow I managed to make it through the service's remainder without incident. Even before we left church I knew that this story was destined to become part of our family history.

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