Thursday, August 17, 2017

Eighth Grade

The girls started school today. Specifically, they started eighth grade. Eighth grade? How did that happen. It seems like they just started preschool. Now they are finishing elementary school.

They were excited to find out who was in their classes when they left this house this morning. The brunette twin dropped out of honors math for eighth grade. This meant the girls wouldn't have many classes together as they were in two different tracks. Today they were picking up their schedules and getting their locker assignments. It was a short day, yet an exciting day.

They came home bubbling with news. They spent hours on their devices texting friends to see who was in which classes. They discovered that all their classes were in the new wing. It was the designated eighth grade wing. They were thrilled that they would spend their last year in the brand new wing. They said it was their reward for surviving two years of non-stop construction.

The big news was that the blond twin's honors math class was a high school freshman math class. She was going to get credit for it on her high school transcripts. The blond twin was officially a high school student.

They talked and talked and talked about the first day for so long that you would have thought it was a week's worth of class news instead of just 90 minutes. We were glad to see how excited they were for their last elementary school year. They had big plans, and even bigger dreams. It was a great way to start their last year in the elementary school district.

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