Saturday, May 6, 2017

The never-ending sleepover

The girls and I spent the night at a hotel as part of mother/daughter promotional event. Daddy stayed home with Holly and enjoyed a quiet evening.

When we came home today, Daddy was ripping carpeting off the staircase. We knew we needed to do it this weekend as we are having new carpeting installed.

On the way home, I told the girls that they had to sleep downstairs with Holly. The blond twin said she would do it. Their dog won't go on any flooring that doesn't have a rug. Her paws slip and slide on the hardwood and tile. It's the only reason she won't go into the basement when the girls are down there. She's afraid of the uncarpeted stairs.

Holly was so happy to see the girls. The dog jumped up on them and wagged her tail like we had been gone for weeks. Holly didn't want to leave them, even as they got ready to go out with friends.

When they returned, they both went upstairs. Holly went up a few stairs and then came back down. She didn't want to go up to the top where the carpeting had been removed. She sat at the bottom of the stairs whining and yelping. The girls just ignored her, so Holly braved the uncarpeted stairs.

She made it to the top before stranding herself. No matter how much Holly wanted her girls, she wasn't going to walk on the hardwood floor. I managed to get her back downstairs where she sat in the foyer crying.

The girls took turns sitting with Holly until they were both ready to come down for the night. In the end, both girls decided to sleep in the family room with Holly. As soon as she saw them both bring their pillows and blankets down, Holly started wagging her tail. She doesn't care where they all sleep, as long as she has access to both girls. When they are all together, it's even better for Holly.

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