Tuesday, May 2, 2017

On the phone again

The blond twin has taken to her teenage years with gusto. She spends hours fixing her hair and changes her clothes multiple times before deciding on an outfit.

She has also taken to spending hours on end talking on her phone. She does like her social media interactions as much as the next teenager, but she really, really likes to talk on the phone.

It's so funny to watch her. She carries her device through the house talking and giggling and whispering. When she gets really chatty, she stretches out on her bed with her device in her hand.

I remember spending hours talking to my friends. It was my first taste of freedom. From the time my parents put a phone in my room, I'd close my door and call a friend. We'd chat until one our parents told us to get off the phone.

Of course, when I was on the phone I would tie-up the house line. No one else could make a make a phone call while I was on it. With the blond twin, she can chat as much as she wants without inconveniencing anyone else.

The technology is new, but the rite of passage is old. The blond twin is doing her best to keep the rite of passage alive.

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