Sunday, May 14, 2017

In the dog house

When Laurie called to ask if we could watch Molly, I said yes before she even finished the question. Our girls have been asking to watch Molly for a while now. Laurie often watched Holly when we're gone. They wanted to return the favor -- or so they said. What they really wanted was another dog in the house. The girls have been lobbying for a second dog for a while now. We keep telling them that Holly is all we can handle.

As soon as we confirmed that Molly was coming over, the girls called Erin. They planned a Friday night sleepover. Our living room became the girls' bedroom with air mattresses on the floor. It was a mess of girls and dogs and blankets. The next morning the Erin and the brunette twin walked the dogs in the morning as Daddy took the blond twin to her conference track meet.

For a while Saturday it was just me and the dogs. We weren't sure how Molly would react to being left home in a strange house, so I stayed home from the conference track meet. Both dogs slept most of the time so I doubt they would have missed me if I had gone.

Saturday night we had friends over for dinner on the patio. The two dogs had four teenage girls at their disposal. They were all very happy to be together. Molly and Holly both received ridiculous amounts of attention.

Our girls slept in the living room again with the dogs. Each girl had a dog, just like in their dreams. It's fun to have Molly with us, but it does reinforce that we won't be a permanent two dog family any time soon. The girls will just have to wait until Molly comes back again to live out their two dog fantasy again.

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