Friday, April 28, 2017

Retirement in the rear view mirror

A few months ago Daddy was offered a Voluntary Separation Package. After nearly 30 years at the same company, he was headed for early retirement. His final day came today. When he arrived at home, we immediately turned around and headed back out.

I'd like to say we had some kind of fun activity planned, but we didn't. We put five Cadette Girl Scouts and all their stuff into our two cars. We headed out to drop them at camp.

A little more than an hour later, we stopped at a pizza parlor for dinner. We chose one close to the camp so we could eat and make it there during the prescribed check in time. The girls were stir-crazy from the car trip. They laughed and sang and told stories while we waited for pizza.

They were a bit quieter as we arrived at camp. They were supposed to spend the weekend in a cabin, so they planned their fun. When we arrived their sleeping arrangements changed. All the girls were sleeping on floor mats in the dining hall. Twenty seventh grade girls were sleeping in the same small space. We told them to make the best of it. We explained that there was a lot of rain forecasted, but they were still disappointed.

We left them at camp and headed home in our two cars. Once in a while we checked in with each other as we decided what to do when we arrived home. We stopped for pie and talked about Daddy's last day at work. It was a quiet way to mark the end of a long, prosperous career as much as a bit of reflection before Daddy's next chapter.

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