Monday, April 3, 2017

Metal mouths

The dentist brought me back after the semi-annual cleaning to talk about the brunette twin's front teeth. She noted that the teeth pointed down and in, as if pointing towards her bottom gum. She also showed how the brunette twin's teeth didn't quite line up properly so her bite was off slightly.

We had previously talked another dentist about the brunette twin's teeth. She didn't think that the brunette twin really needed braces. This dentist agreed that the brunette twin might be fine without braces, but she suggested that we have an orthodontic consultation talk about whether or not the bite was a concern.

The orthodontist said we could wait and see what happens because her jaw might shift until she finishes growing. At 5' 8", we were rather hoping that she was about done growing. We talked about what might happen if we didn't get the braces from clicking teeth to adult jaw pain. We decided to get the braces as a preventative measure.

Today the brunette twin joined her sister in the middle school braces club. She is happy and nervous at the same time. She is gloating because she will only need braces for about a year, while the blond twin has at least a three year stint. They sat discussing how to take care of their braces and whether or not they can eat popcorn. For the record, we said no popcorn. We're not only the mean parents, we're also the people paying for their braces, so we make the final decisions.

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