Saturday, April 22, 2017


I was going to volunteer for the March for Science until I saw that a friend and her daughter were marching. I talked to the girls and they decided they wanted to march with Karen and Phoebe.

We drove down early on Earth Day to meet Karen and Phoebe. There were a lot of people milling around in lab coats. We saw "brain hats," which were crocheted hats that resembled brains. People had clever signs. Karen had a double-sided sign that said, "No Bees = No Beer" on one side and "Grab 'em by the data" on the other. Phoebe's sign said, "There is no Planet B" on one side and "I like big brains and I cannot lie" on the other. 

We sort of listened to several speakers. We were pretty far from the main stage. The loudspeaker closest to us was a bit scratchy. While we waited to march, we read other clever signs, admired different costumes and talked to people around us. Even though we couldn't hear the speakers very well, we were entertained by the Jazz band and stilt walkers performing near us.

The march itself was pretty short. We went from Buckingham Fountain to the Museum Campus. It was the quietest, most well-behaved march you could imagine. As several signs said, "It's so bad even the introverts are here."

At the museum campus, we walked through the expo, chatting with people, reading signs and admiring costumes still. Several people asked Karen and Phoebe for pictures with their signs. We stopped at the Shedd Aquarium to watch a chalk artist create beautiful designs on the museum plaza. The artist drew attention to the #SheddTheStraw Earth Day campaign. The girls picked up some chalk and drew their own masterpieces.

We left the bustling museum campus to go to lunch. In keeping with our Earth Day celebration, we ate a tasty vegetarian restaurant. It was the perfect way to end the March for Science.

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