Monday, April 17, 2017

Delivering the Silver

Now that the girls completed their Silver Award projects, we're starting the really fun part of the process. We're delivering the items to different organizations.

Since the girls all had Good Friday and Easter Monday off school, I set-up some appointments to deliver projects. On Good Friday we visited two animal shelters to drop off the dog and cat toys. We were able to spend quite a bit of time touring PAWS, a no-kill animal shelter. The tour was supposed to take about 1/2 hour. We left the building about 90 minutes after we entered. The volunteers were wonderful with the girls. They talked to them about their Silver Award projects. They talked to them about the importance of volunteering. They took us on an extensive tour of their facility. The girls were happy to talk to the volunteers about shelter programs.

Today the brunette twin and her friend, Brynn, went to deliver comfort dolls to a local police department. The police chief asked a lot of questions about the comfort dolls. We talked to him for a bit when he heard his officers in the hallway. He brought them into his office to tell them about the comfort dolls. The girls and the officers took photos. The chief told them how wonderful it was that the troop created the comfort dolls. As we left, the brunette twin said, "That was so cool."

It's what I hoped would happen as we delivered the projects. I took the whole troop to the animal shelters as they are all interested in helping animals. When we went to the police department, I only took two girls as I thought it would be a quick, "in and out" kind of visit. The extra attention really helped the girls understand the ways their community service would help others.

We have a couple of other deliveries to schedule. This is the best part of the Silver Award process. As they worked on their projects, I stressed that they were really making a difference. Now that they hear it from others, they understand what I meant.

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