Sunday, April 16, 2017

A different kind of Easter shoes

When the girls were little I couldn't wait to dress them for Easter. They always wore cute dresses and shoes. Sometimes they wore hats, but usually they just carried them. Now that they are teenagers, the cute Easter dresses are just a memory.

We were supposed to host Easter brunch for my side of the family. It was our turn so we sat down to write out our menu last week. The girls made plans to set the table, as it the tradition when we have anyone here for a meal. The girls create the tablescape. I am hardly even involved in that process.

I was driving to get my allergy shots when my brother Steve phoned. I'm always surprised when the phone rings in our new car. The sound of a phone ringing via the car speakers still startles me. Steve asked if we started buying food for Easter yet. I reminded him that we were making brunch, so it wasn't like we needed to do a lot of advance shopping. He said, "Ok, good. This is going to sound crazy, but what do you think about going bowling on Easter?" He explained that his family was at a local bowling alley and saw posters advertising their Easter brunch. It sounded like fun, so I said, "We're in."

We met at the restaurant attached to the bowling alley at 3:00 p.m. Easter. The food was very good. We sat and ate and talked for a while. When we were done, we walked next door to get ready to bowl.

It was so much fun. The girls bowled with their cousins on two lanes. The adults bowled on another lane. Grammie sat in the middle, in the front seat, watching it all. We laughed and bowled and trash talked.

When our time was up, I said, "Same time next year?" We all agreed that it was a great way to celebrate Easter. It was a bit nontraditional in that we were not sitting at a dining room table, but we were all together making fun memories. I hope it's our new Easter tradition.

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