Friday, March 10, 2017

One word describing the blond twin

The girls had a class assignment to write something nice about each student. The girls sat at the dining room table, laughing all the time. They discussed some words to make sure they were really nice and didn't have some negative connotations.

When they brought their pages home, we were very proud of the words other students submitted for the girls. These are the single words students used to describe the blond twin. If there is an asterisk near the word, it means that more than one student used it to describe the blond twin.


Some students had trouble describing her in one word. The phrases include:

Amazing at track & field and cross country
Always smiling
Awesome at piano & trombone
Fun to talk to*
Math is fun with you
Nice to everyone
Easy to talk to
Love your hair
Bright personality

The papers are hanging on the refrigerator, so we get to see them every time we are in the kitchen. It's a good reminder that we are raising wonderful girls.

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