Saturday, February 18, 2017

Universal day two

After exploring The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios, we ventured outside to the other attractions. We were at Universal Studios, having taken the Hogwarts Express from one park to the other.

What was really impressive at the attractions at both locations was the attention to detail. When we went to the Simpsons attraction, we heard the correct character voices throughout the ride. It wasn't as if the on-screen production was a cut and paste job pulled out of different episodes. These were unique stories with the real actors.

We were a little disappointed in Universal Studios. There were not that many attractions to keep the girls busy. When we were at Islands of Adventure, we had something to do at every turn. If there was a unifying theme to the attractions, it was the use of simulation screens. Most of the rides were a mix of motion and simulated screens. At first this was a little disorienting. By the time we went on the rides for a second time (and we did manage to go on most rides a second time) we were used to the format.

It was strange how watching a screen could make you feel like you were falling dozens of stories towards a certain crash. The graphics were really that good. Most of the rides had some kind of spin or jolt along the way to keep you from getting too comfortable in your seat.

The best rides, though, were the traditional roller coasters. We rode the Wizarding World of Harry Potter roller coasters over and over again. This ride took us upside down, through cork screws and on steep drops. We finished one ride and immediately went back into line to do it again. There were two tracks. We rode them both until we couldn't do it any more. The girls went crazy for The Hulk. They also rode the 'Rockin Roller Coaster, although the blond twin was happier with that ride than her twin.

We ended day two tired and happy, which is the best way to end a fun day at an amusement park.

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