Monday, February 20, 2017

Universal day three

We started our last day at Universal Studios the same way we did the first two days. We were at the gate early so we'd be in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter right at 8:00 a.m. We went directly to  the Hogwarts Castle ride. The first time I went on it, I walked out a little unstable. The second time was a lot more fun. We all enjoyed it again.

Since we had already spent two days going through the parks, our last day was a list of repeats. We went on our favorite rides one last time. We walked by a few attractions that had long wait times the previous days. It was strange when we would find a ride with a long wait time. For the most part we had short wait times at most attractions. There were a few, though, that always had long wait times. We just looked at the number posted and kept walking.

The one exception was Gringott's Vault. No matter when we went by the attraction there was at least a 60 minute wait. As we rode the Hogwart's Express we decided that we had to just get in line and wait to go into the vault. It was the last day. We had no other choice.

When we arrived there was a 90 minute wait. We found out that we could cut the wait in half by going into the single riders line. We did that, but I found myself wondering what we were missing. In each Wizarding World attraction you had the ride and you had the set-up. As you wandered through the lines (even when you were moving quickly because it was a short line), there were distractions. These were everything from story-related items to screens with the movie actors. The distractions often gave some background for the attraction. They were pretty interesting. We didn't see any of the distractions in the single rider line. It was more like a tunnel than the other attraction lines.

The prediction that the single rider line was half the time of the main line was right on target. Forty-five minutes after we entered the line, we were seated. I had fun on the ride. We finally saw Bellatrix Lestrange and Lord Voldemort. It was a clever story with unexpected twists and turns.

I was surprised when I met up with Daddy and the girls. The brunette twin said, "We waited a long time for a boring ride." She was annoyed with the wait time. She was not happy that she had to sit with strangers. She pulled out her wand and started doing her magic spells at the Diagon Alley shops.

We ended our Universal Studios weekend as a split family. The brunette twin wanted to go on a ride at Islands of Adventure. The blond twin wanted to go on a ride at Universal Studio. I took the brunette twin while Daddy went with the blond twin.

As we exited the Spiderman attraction, the brunette twin asked if she could walk through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter again. It was even more magical in the dark. The lights made it glow like we were on a movie set. We took the Hogwarts Express to Diagon Alley where we walked the cobblestone streets one more time. The brunette twin was content as we walked out for the last time.

Our final event was an evening concert by X Ambassadors. Despite the large crowd we did manage to find Daddy and the blond twin. The girls stood by themselves during the concert, enjoying their teenage moments as they giggled and sang and danced. Daddy and I stood away from the main concert watching to scene. After they heard their favorite song, the girls decided it was time to go. They ended their long weekend walking hand-in-hand with us as we made our way towards the exit. We were all tired and happy with our adventure. It was time to go home.

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