Saturday, February 4, 2017

The root of the problem

Just before the girls went back to school after Winter Break, they went for haircuts. I talked to our stylist and left them in her hands. When I came back, both girls were beaming. The brunette twin chopped off about 6 inches of the hombre she had done when school first started. The blond twin's hair stopped me cold. It wasn't highlighted as we discussed. It was blond, think white blond.

I just stared while I clenched my teeth. I always told the girls that I didn't care what they did to their hair as long as it was a natural color when they started applying for jobs. The brunette twin has had purple hair, blond hombre designs and general highlights. The blond twin hasn't really done anything crazy until she showed up as a white blond.

The kids at school started calling her Elsa, like Frozen's lead character. I referred to her as Drako, as in the Harry Potter character. We settled on Elsa as it seemed more fitting.

The problem with her hair wasn't that she had it dyed white blond. It was the ongoing maintenance required to either keep it blond or let it grow out in some natural way. Friday night we had an exciting time coloring her roots. The dark growth was driving me crazy because it was starting to bleed through all over her head. The blond twin asked why it started growing out so quickly. I walked into the house with a hair color kit and we fixed the problem.

We're in this for the long haul at this point. Her long, blond hair is destined to remain blond, even if it becomes an ongoing project.

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