Thursday, January 12, 2017

Laundry house rules

A while back the girls started doing their own laundry, which we thought would teach them to take better care of their clothes. Sure we thought they'd learn a valuable life skill and perhaps some responsibility too.

Lately we've all been really busy. Daddy has pretty much taken over the laundry at this point. He spends the most time lugging laundry baskets up and down to the washer and dryer. This has created some interesting new laundry rules. The first one is that we don't turn their clothes "right side out" any more. If the laundry goes into the basket "inside out" then it stays that way. If the girls want to wear their clothes "inside out," so be it.

The other one is that the girls have to wear some things more than once. This is especially true for items like the dresses they wear to church or to a party. It's an ongoing battle, though. The girls are so used to taking off the clothes they wore to school and tossing the items into the basket that they don't think before taking off a sweater and tossing it into the basket.

This drives me batty. I keep trying to explain to them that just because something was on their bodies does not mean that they cannot wear it again. Daddy does a lot of laundry that isn't really dirty. Mostly the girls are too lazy to hang up their clothes again.

Of course, once in a while Daddy does a load of laundry filled with wrinkled clothes the brunette twin found smooshed in her dresser. Rather than just hang up her clothes or put them away neatly in her dresser the brunette twin has a habit of just opening a drawer and shoving everything into the same space. It isn't until we force her to find a specific item that she goes through the mess. This is a child-specific rule since the blond twin's room is the most organized space in the house.

If they don't start working with the laundry house rules, we're going to go back to having them do their own laundry. I'd bet that if they have to go back to doing their own laundry we wouldn't need these rules.

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