Monday, January 16, 2017

Ask the little girls

We were at the Chicago Blackhawks game last night with the girls and their friends. The tight seating meant we could overhear the people behinds us. The group of friends sitting there was a mix of hockey fans and new-to-the-game people.

One young man sat next to his girlfriend, patiently answering all her questions. At one point he sounded a little frustrated and said something like, "That's such an easy question. I bet the little girls right there could answer it."

I snickered when he described them as "little girls." I'd be he meant young girls, since I'm pretty sure the brunette twin was at least as tall as the young man speaking.

Actually, I'd bet our girls could answer all her hockey questions. He assumed because they were young girls that they didn't know much. I only wish she had actually asked them her question.

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